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Stanford Brown TW3 – Bitcoins and Faux Imbroglio

Posted on July 21 2017

Bitcoin… If It Quacks Like a Duck A month ago we wrote – in response to a flood of queries – about the risks of getting in on the Bitcoin bandwagon. We observed that Bitcoin was following the same bubble/bust cycle as gold, only on different timescales. We suggested that Bitcoin was ripe for another… Continue Reading

Stanford Brown TW3 – Red Dragon, Green Dragon

Posted on July 14 2017

Third Link Growth Fund… Mission Accomplished! Our sincerest congratulations to Chris Cuffe and our very own Ashley Owen on reaching their goal of $150 million in their top-performing Australian share fund, The Third Link Growth Fund. Not only is the fund a top-decile performer, but all management fees are donated to various charities – a… Continue Reading

Stanford Brown TW3 – A Good Year for Investors

Posted on July 7 2017

A Year in the Markets The past 12 months have been good for shares in Australia and around the world. In the local market the big stocks were led higher by profit revivals in the big miners, which were themselves triggered by last year’s commodities price rally following the Chinese stimulus announcements in March 2016…. Continue Reading

Stanford Brown TW3 – Facebook Grows Up

Posted on June 30 2017

Global Markets Wrap Oil prices fell to 10-month lows this week amid concerns that a significant ramp-up in U.S. shale production later in the year could lead to a global supply glut. The US dollar also slid to a 10-month low against the Euro on Tuesday after ECB President Mario Draghi suggested that the ECB… Continue Reading

Stanford Brown TW3 – Life on Mars

Posted on June 23 2017

Market Wrap A bear market in the price of oil sparked a sharp sell-off of the ASX on Wednesday, with $27 billion dollars being wiped in the largest single day drop since the US election. QBE led the way, down 10.3% after downgrading its profit growth target in the wake of higher than expected claims… Continue Reading

Residential Home Loan Rates

Posted on June 20 2017

Residential Home Loan Rates Below are general guidelines about current market leading mortgage rate offers available as of June 19th from the big banks and credible second tier lenders. All variable rates are based on a borrowing amount greater than $500k for a term of 25 years and may also be subject to negotiation. For… Continue Reading

Stanford Brown TW3 – Mainstream, Sensationalist Nonsense!

Posted on June 16 2017

Global Markets Wrap As widely expected, the Fed raised interest rates for the third time in six months on Wednesday. It also forecasted one more rate rise this year and three hikes in 2018. Markets shrugged. Last week, we talked about the rapid rise in the price of bitcoin and suggested it was exhibiting the… Continue Reading

Stanford Brown TW3 – Are We in Recession Already?

Posted on June 9 2017

Stanford Brown Podcasts Please note our fortnightly podcasts are now available in the Apple ‘Podcasts’ app (the little purple button). That means if you have an iPhone or iPad you can listen by clicking on this app. And then searching ‘Stanford Brown’ – it will look like this: And there you go! Happy Listening. Markets… Continue Reading

Is Bitcoin the New Gold?

Posted on June 7 2017

Over the past week I have been bombarded by calls and emails about Bitcoin. The usual stuff: – “The price just has doubled! Should I buy some?” My response is the same as always: “Of course not! You want to buy something before it doubles, not after! Anyway, are you an investor or a gambler?”… Continue Reading

Stanford Brown TW3 – Let Them Eat Smashed ‘Avo!

Posted on June 2 2017

Global Markets Wrap Global stocks hit record highs after last week’s downturn, with increasingly broad based gains supported by strong earnings momentum and global reflation. The Tech sector provided a significant boost to US and Emerging Market shares, headlined by Amazon stock hitting $1,000 on Tuesday. The Federal Reserve minutes indicated an upcoming rate rise… Continue Reading

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