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Stanford Brown TW3 – Beating the Benchmark with Bentleys

Posted on April 20 2018

Royal Commission Blues Unless you have been living on the moon this week, you will probably have been both fascinated and repulsed in equal measures by the sordid revelations emanating from the Royal Commission. The media has revelled in tales of banks charging advice fees to dead people; of AMP planners favouring their own in-house… Continue Reading

Stanford Brown TW3 – Trade War Fake News

Posted on April 13 2018

Market Wrap Global shares are up after another week of volatility headlined by geopolitical concerns and abated fears of trade wars. The prospect of an American response to allegations that the Syrian government used chemical weapons on its citizens dragged down investor confidence; oil surged to its highest price in almost three years. Syria is… Continue Reading

What’s On In Sydney For Retirees – April 2018

Posted on April 9 2018

The nights may be cooler and the days shorter, but Sydney’s vibrant arts and culture scene is still offering plenty to keep your evenings jam-packed this April. Please click here to download.  

Stanford Brown TW3 – From The Naughty List to The Rich List

Posted on April 6 2018

Market Wrap   Abated fears of a trade war between America and China spurred a rebound in global equities this week, as US tech shares were led by the $25 billion IPO of music streamer Spotify to recover some of last week’s heavy losses. The US dollar also rose strongly in response to the prospects… Continue Reading

Stanford Brown – Eudaimonia – April

Posted on April 4 2018

A Very Happy Easter! We hope you had a happy Easter and an enjoyable long weekend! #DeleteFacebook and Data Breaches The recent Cambridge Analytica data information scandal has reiterated the importance of cyber security and in particular the protection of data. There are many forms of data breaches, including an unencrypted laptop or USB being… Continue Reading

Stanford Brown TW3 – Smith Stumped, Stocks Slump

Posted on April 4 2018

Global Markets Wrap Volatility continues to dominate 2018 as trade wars, monetary tightening and the Facebook scandal dragged down share markets in the last fortnight. Donald Trump’s announcement of $60 billion of tariffs on China for intellectual property infringements sent global shares in a tailspin, with the Australian market down almost 2% last Friday.  After… Continue Reading

Stanford Brown TW3 – Banks in for a Royal Treat

Posted on April 4 2018

Market Wrap One of the most commonly used arguments in support of expensive government infrastructure projects (new stadiums, bridges, etc) is that they will create jobs. The next time you hear this line of thought, remember this anecdote featuring Milton Friedman. Friedman was travelling in China in the 1960’s and was taken to a worksite… Continue Reading

Stanford Brown TW3 – Protectionism Promotes Poverty

Posted on March 9 2018

Market Wrap Did someone order volatility? The Australian share market had a roller coaster ride this week thanks mostly to developments in the US. The market dropped 0.8% on Monday in the wake of Donald Trump’s steel and aluminium tariff proposal, rebounded 1% on Tuesday as fears of a trade war eased, dropped 1% on… Continue Reading

Stanford Brown – Why You Should Disagree With Your Co-Worker

Posted on March 6 2018

A Different Take On Disagreement. Why We Always Enable Conflict. A conflict free work environment is a fantasy. Disagreement is up there on the inevitability scale with taxes and death (and health insurance prices rising apparently). So how do we deal with it? Is it best to bite your tongue, plaster on a fake smile… Continue Reading

Stanford Brown TW3 – Celebrating Women in Advice

Posted on March 2 2018

Market Wrap Global shares are down sharply this week in the wake of an accelerated monetary tightening schedule in the US and Donald Trump’s promise of an imminent tariff on steel and aluminium. New US Federal Reserve Chairman, Jerome Powell, made his first appearance before US Congressional representatives mid-week and unnerved investors in two ways…. Continue Reading

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