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We provide a complete range of Private Wealth services to help you create wealth, protect it, and to develop a plan to transfer that wealth.

Whether you are an executive or professional, business owner, entrepreneur or retiree, we'd love to help you achieve the future you want.

Executives and Professionals

You’re extremely busy, and so you should be. But with everything going on, your future finances are probably not high on your To-Do list. 

Time is ticking, faster and faster, so let’s make the most of it. Now. Life will be easier and far more rewarding with Stanford Brown in your corner. We’ll get your life in order, manage complexity, and won’t miss a beat.

Nobody goes to the lengths we do. From growing your wealth to paying your tax. We make all the little calls without bothering you. We deal with each issue, and onto the next one. Together, we make the big calls and make them early. For what we deal with now removes all kinds of regrets in the future.

When we plan, we integrate everything that matters – accounting, lawyers, family, even your health and sanity – to make sure you’re in the best possible state to step back when you want to. And that plan is important. So we keep you to it.

Because when you start to think about life after work, it should be something you look forward to. 

Some of the things we take care of:
Managing complexities and admin, Tax & Accounting, Cashflow, Debt, Insurance, Family, Cross-border complexity, Career transition to business ownership, Remuneration & benefits packaging, Strategic Advice on Executive Share Plans


Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

Do you put the same smarts and energy into your finances as you do your business? 

That’s what we’re here for. Think of Stanford Brown as your own personal financial consulting firm, business advisory and guardian angel all in one.

For Business Owners
We’ll show you the options, bring you well thought-out ideas, agree the plan and implement it. You can concentrate on your business, we’ll concentrate on removing your obstacles and growing your wealth.

For Entrepreneurs
Our clients love the higher level thinking we bring to the table, workshopping ideas, and building a strong network and structure around them. Don’t worry about the details, we’ll deal with it, we’ll get it done. You’re good at what you do, so are we.

Tapping into the right network, ramping up, succession planning, when to pull back, when to get out… we get it. We understand your world, not just because we help people just like you, but because we’re business owners ourselves.

How we work with you:
Business Coaching Program, CEO Support, Virtual CFO & Finance Team, Accounting and Tax Compliance, Legal, Insurance, HR Support, IT support, Banking, Strategic Plan, Financial Forecasting, Compliance, Governance, Organizational Structure, Executive Wealth Management, Bespoke Programs for Senior and Rising Executives,  Shareholder Agreements, Employee Performance & Wellness.

They choose Stanford Brown

“We’ve been very impressed by Stanford Brown's openness, transparency, proficiency and their overall ease-of-use. They’re friendly, honest and they explain things - they treat you like a human being.”

— Mark S.


It’s more than having enough money, it’s about creating a memorable story of your wealth. How was it built? What makes you happy? What do you want to be remembered for?

Though we can’t do anything about ageing, the rest is all in play. We go deeper to help you create the story you want to tell, one that is passed on. We work with your accountant, solicitor and family to shape the best plan for you. Discretely and efficiently.

When do you want to retire? Maybe never, maybe early.  Are you spending too much? Not enough? Retirement is different for everyone and we’ll help you find your sweet spot. Always managing risk. So if you live longer than expected, give a big chunk away, or the world goes into a tailspin, you’ll have enough.

We’re talking about money, family, health. All can be complicated, so there’ll be some honest and sometimes difficult conversations. Like kids. We love them, but they’re not always perfect. It’s not important they know how much you have, but it is important that wealth transfer happens at the right time, to the right people, in the right way. 

And we uncomplicate things by simplifying your wealth and taking the load off you. Ultimately you can relax knowing someone is here looking after you, your assets and your family. Stanford Brown is your consultant, co-ordinator and confidant.

You’ve worked hard for it, now’s the time to enjoy it. 

Ways we can work with you: 

Money Management, Longevity and Sequencing Risk, Modelling and Financial Projections, Tax and Accounting, Insurance, Self-Managed Super Funds, Family Discretionary Trusts.

Foreign Pension Transfer, Home and Residential Aged Care, Government Entitlements, Access to Network of Specialist Professionals, Testamentary Trust Management.

Family and Wellbeing
Intergenerational Wealth Transfer, Planning For Life After Full Time Work, Advice for your Children, SB Retiree Community, Planning for Ageing, Simplification of Financial Affairs.

They choose Stanford Brown

“I’ve been a very satisfied client of Stanford Brown for many years and the only real regret is that I didn’t engage them much earlier. The plans and strategies they developed, and now manage post-retirement, provide us with great 'peace of mind'.

— John N.