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Balancing Retirement and Helping Your Adult Kids

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Welcome to Stanford Brown’s SB Talks podcast where we explore the important elements of your financial world – from investments to strategy, from retirement planning to intergenerational wealth.

In this episode our CEO Vincent O’Neill is speaking with Private Wealth Adviser Kirsten Lynn about balancing your own retirement and helping your adult kids, the topic of her recently released white paper.

In this podcast we discuss:

  • Putting your own retirement first and planning for aged care for peace of mind, even if you want to remain in your home in your later years
  • Thinking about the bigger picture of what is important to you and to your children, so that your well-intentioned assistance does not miss the mark
  • Considering the four potential transition points for wealth
  • Helping your children to buy property, buying property for your children or buying property with your children
  • Funding financial advice, insurance or estate planning advice for your children for their benefit and your own
  • Thinking beyond purely financial help to joint experience or holidays, giving time or sharing an interest

Private Wealth Adviser Kirsten Lynn has written a detailed and thoughtful paper on this important topic, part of Stanford Brown’s broader focus on Intergenerational Wealth. The purpose of the paper is not to provide you with all the answers, but to arm you with some good questions as a starting point for you and for a conversation with your financial adviser, estate planning lawyer and accountant. In each section, you will find a list of questions that you may wish to consider with them.

Should this topic be of interest to you or members of your family, Kirsten and our team of expert Advisers have extensive practical experience in working through the questions it raises.

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