Livestream: Is the New Normal Real?

Start: Livestream will begin at 6:00pm AEDT.

Speaker: Ashley Owen, Stanford Brown’s Chief Investment Officer

About this Event:

After a very volatile first quarter of 2020, governments, and central banks the world over lurched into action with unprecedented levels of monetary and fiscal stimulus.

Despite the pandemic continuing to shut down large parts of the world, markets quickly responded to the stimulus, and record low interest rates, to erase the losses and in many cases set new highs. Optimism has been fuelled by prediction of an end to inflation and a new a normal for interest rates. Can we really assume a zero-interest rate outlook? Can the debt-fuelled asset-price bubble last forever? Where do we find income? How do we protect against risks?

Join us at the Kirribilli Club on the 25th of February as our inimitable Chief Investment Officer Ashley Owen cuts through the noise to focus on the questions that matter for client portfolios in 2021 and beyond!