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Mind Over Matter – August 2019

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10 Truths About Retirement

Reality has a way of providing little twists and nuances that our imaginations do not foresee. Retirement is no different. Portions of your ‘next chapter’ will be completely new, but you’ll also find that old habits die hard and that the chores don’t start doing themselves. Have a peek at this article for a sincere appraisal of retirement that will still galvanise you to find your next challenge!


Podcast: A Retirement Coach’s Thoughts on Retirement

Peter Black, a respected executive and retirement coach, gives some wonderful insights into retirement in this bitesized podcast. Acknowledging the many interpretations and manifestations of retirement, he talks about test-driving retirement, how increased longevity has changed retirement life planning and a plethora of subjects in between!


Retirement a ‘Full-Time Job’? What’s That About?

This great article reflects on a comment in the book Retirement Maze. The key is to have a written plan for your life after full time work, adding some structure, but you have to work at it!  The thought of reshaping your identity and discovering new passions should be an exciting one!


Compromise or Choice

Retirement is a balance of crafting new experiences and moving on from old ones. For example, here’s a list of 100 things you could start doing next week! Well, getting to a monster truck rally (the 100th item on the list) might be a little difficult logistically, but there are other easily achievable suggestions that cater to a great many interests.

Conversely, there are compromises you will have to make – you can’t do everything!  This article provides a couple of useful examples of where getting involved in one activity may impinge on your ability to do another. Having too many activities that bring you joy is a good problem to have though!


10 Questions to Help You Discover a Fulfilling Second-Act Career

Thinking of redirecting the skills you’ve spent years mastering in the working world? Or perhaps changing careers or engaging in entrepreneurial pursuits of passion?  This article provides 10 questions that will help you figure out what the next chapter might hold.

Do any of the following questions from the article pique your interest?

  1. Which of your skills could you market on a freelance and flexible basis?
  2. Do you have technology-related expertise that could help someone become more efficient or profitable?
  3. What services can you provide to mentor or teach the next generation of talent?


The Pursuit of Happiness

Research shows that willing yourself to be happy in every single moment of your life is actually a recipe for unhappiness. Instead planning activities that you genuinely love and will organically bring joy is recommended.

The idea of fluctuating happiness meshes fairly well with another piece of research that suggests we are at our happiest at the dawn and in the twilight of our lives. If you were to graph it, it would take the shape of the letter ‘U’. Here are a few tips for reducing that low water mark for happiness.


Weekend Getaways from Sydney

Sometimes a brief change of scenery can refresh the creative juices or just generally reinvigorate you. Whether you want to spend a couple of days on the beach making a dent in that pile of books gathering dust, or get amongst the grape vines for a little wine tasting, here are a few ideas for your next weekend away.


This Machine Reckons It Can Predict How Long We’ll Live

Perhaps it’s a little morbid but we couldn’t resist the temptation of putting in our details to calculate how long we’ll be around. Its simplicity means it’s probably an imprecise tool, but click here if you’d like to have a go.



“I Tried Retirement, it Wasn’t for Me”

Many people try hanging up the boots and decide that they’d rather carry on working, and that is absolutely fine. This may be a result of not having planned what you were going to do with all your now unencumbered time, struggling to find a new identity or even just realising you were still enjoying your work. Going back to work is a simple solution. Alternatively, taking a year out whilst you’re still working to test drive retirement can help you figure out whether you’re ready to start thinking about it and how you might fill up your time.

 A Letter to Grandparents

Grandparents can have a profound impact on the lives of their grandchildren, be that as a mentor or by leaving a legacy of great values that their loved ones can abide by. This touching article chronicles the many lessons one retirement planner learned from his grandparents.


Thinking of Downsizing?

If you’re not, perhaps you should be. Maybe you’d like to have a more manageable footprint to maintain and clean, maybe there’s a suburb you’ve been eyeing up for a while, or maybe you’d like the means to travel a little more.

The Downsizer Contribution, which has been active since the 1st of July 2018, allows those who have owned a house for at least 10 years and are over the age of 65 to make a contribution of up to $300,000 (per person) to their super fund, the amount does not count toward the non-concessional cap for the year (if applicable). It’s a great way to unlock retirement capital from the value of the home and to invest and generate income within a tax-free environment.  Talk to your adviser should you be considering this in the future.


Take Your Brain for a Jog Around the Park

We’re all aware of risk factors that may lead to heart conditions, and methods of avoiding them, but how many of us make a concerted effort to look after our brains? Research shows that the brain is naturally inclined toward the path of least resistance, but letting habit take over your life can lead to premature cognitive decline. Novelty and mental challenge are good ways to keep the brain healthy.

Many of our clients who have a passion for learning and personal development are involved with The University of the Third Age (U3A), which offers hundreds of intellectually stimulating courses throughout Sydney. Their courses are a wonderful way to acquire new knowledge and skills in a relaxed atmosphere amongst a community of like-minded people. There are no prerequisites, and no exams! Their Semester 2 Course Book shows just how many interest areas they cater to. Have a peek at the appendix for their extensive list of courses and get involved!

Oh, the Weather Outside is (Occasionally) Frightful

We don’t have it so bad here in Sydney, although when confronted with a cold and dreary day, there are plenty of ideas that Timeout has put together that will keep you out and about, yet away from the elements.  Follow the link to read more about the activities listed below and a whole lot more.



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