Wealth Creation

When it comes to creating wealth, actions speak louder than numbers.

Stanford Brown's wealth creation services are delivered within a clearly defined and highly coherent investment philosophy. It’s based on how markets work in the real world, rather than a dogmatic adherence to financial theory.

Investment Strategies

Years of rigorous implementation of our clients’ investment strategies has taught us how to properly tailor portfolios. Our Advisers are supported by an expert Investment Committee, which includes our Chief Investment Officer, Ashley Owen, whose sole role is to oversee the investment of client capital.

Investment strategies are multi-faceted and a major reason clients engage us. We look at short-term investments to cover known obligations. And longer-term portfolios that consider low interest rates, volatility of returns, your need to build wealth and to generate income.

Our 10 Golden Rules of Investment

At Stanford Brown we take the responsibility of effectively managing and growing your wealth seriously. The following 10 points frame our investment philosophy and the decisions we make to grow your wealth:

1 - History doesn't repeat itself, but it does rhyme

Whether recovering from the Great Depression of the 1930s, the oil shock of the 1970s or the market crash of 1987, the similarity of the equity cycle is remarkable. Why is this so?

2 - Keep things as simple as possible... but not too simple

Most pithy sayings are attributed to one of Albert Einstein, Mark Twain or Winston Churchill. This trifecta of Wildean wit has been credited with 90% of all the great quotes.

3 - The long term is easier to predict than the short term

Don’t ask us where we think the market is going this year. We don’t know.

4 - Valuations almost always mean revert.

Also known as ‘what goes up, must come down’. One of the most golden of all the rules. Trouble is, you rarely know when.

5 - Keep fees & taxes to a minimum.

Financial advisers are paid by clients to provide advice. Apologies if this seems obvious.

6 - Things are not always as they seem.

The investment industry likes to label assets as either ‘defensive’ or ‘growth’. In other words, look for income and safety from the former, and growth but risk from the latter.

7 - Be the devil’s advocate not his friend.

Most financial advice practices run almost identical investment processes.

8 - Don’t copy your mates at the golf club.

We all know him – the guy who insists on telling you about his latest biotech stock purchase that tripled in value last week alone. What we also know is that he is omitting to tell you about all the dreadful trades he has made.

9 - Cash will destroy your wealth in the long term.

About 100 years after the birth of Jesus, Roman Senator and historian, Tacitus, observed that ‘the desire for safety stands in the way of every noble enterprise’. That desire for safety is pervasive throughout many investment portfolios, and comes at great cost.

10 - If all your eggs are in one basket, watch the basket.

Far too much attention is placed solely on the returns achieved by a portfolio; few notice the route taken to achieve those returns.
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Superannuation Strategies

Government is constantly evolving our superannuation system. The rules for when, how and what you can contribute keep changing, as do the rules on superannuation income streams.  What hasn’t changed is superannuation remains a tax-effective place to build and grow your retirement nest egg. We know how to make super work for you so that you don't have to.

Superannuation Strategies

Tax planning

Our Advisers and specialist tax team help clients actively plan and manage their tax affairs. Whether it’s a regular review or something triggered by a significant transaction or life event, we can plan for, estimate and best structure your affairs to minimise your tax liabilities. For today and for the future.

Personal office and administration

You’re busy. You want to focus on what you do best. That’s why we’re here with you to keep your financial house in order and on track. It could be paying your tax, keeping an eye on a term deposit, or making regular investments. The small things matter. Whatever you need, we get it done.

Personal office and administration

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