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Stanford Brown assists clients with a broad range of financial issues. While this often begins with arranging effective insurance or the management of investment portfolios, it also extends to all aspects of their financial lives. Our expertise lies in seeing the complete picture of our client’s life; their long-term goals, their financial situation, and their evolving life circumstances, to help them confidently plan for the future.

Private Wealth

Whether we choose to accept it or not, money has a significant influence on our lives and that of our families. Over time, it is this influence that slowly cultivates our personal attitudes towards money, how we spend, how we save, how we invest, how we borrow, and how we give.

Knowing the higher purpose of your portfolio requirements lets us focus on tangible goals at decision junctions, rather than basing decisions on a never-ending relentless pursuit of bigger and better returns. In over 25 years, it has been the former that has produced superior outcomes.

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Employee Benefits

We’ve redesigned our approach to employee benefits and built it from the ground up to support the three Pillars of Wellness: Mental, Physical and Financial. Through this we help employers who want happier, healthier and more engaged employees.

Our mission is to remove the disconnect between your health and wellness initiatives, by acting as your wellness champion to connect and integrate all of your employee benefits programs.

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Home Loans

The mortgage industry in Australia has become increasingly complex in the past decade or two. There are a maze of lenders and products to choose from and professional guidance is important for your goal of an optimal loan structure.

Stanford Brown Home Loans is a mortgage broking practice based in North Sydney. We help clients who want to borrow money against residential property whether they are buying, refinancing or increasing an existing debt for other purposes.

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