Employee Benefits

Employee Benefits

We're far more than just your average advice firm. We saw a gap in the market and felt that current benefits programs just weren't working. That's why we redesigned our approach to employee benefits and built it from the ground up to support the three Pillars of Wellness: Mental, Physical and Financial.

Our mission is to remove the disconnect between your health and wellness initiatives. We do this by acting as your wellness champion to connect and integrate all of your employee benefits programs.

The end result for you is happier, healthier and more productive employees.

The services we offer:

Our unique Employee Benefits Program begins by benchmarking your existing employee benefits to identify opportunities and shortfalls in your offering. We then combine this with an Employee Survey to identify which benefits resonate with them and to uncover any frustrations. We will then work with you to develop a bespoke Employee Benefits Program, using our adaptable Benefit³ offering, to attract, retain and engage employees.
  • Private Health Insurance
    Private Health Insurance
  • Insurance
  • Superannuation
  • Physical Wellness
    Physical Wellness
  • Mental Wellness
    Mental Wellness
  • Education

Who we work best with

US Tech Companies

We specialise in working with Australian based subsidiaries of US Tech Companies who seek to replicate or improve upon their US based benefits program in Australia.

Companies with recruitment & retention challenges

We work with employers of choice who want to attract and retain the highest quality talent. Our depth of experience means that we can maximise your benefits and wellness impact, no matter what your challenge is.

Companies that care about the wellbeing of their staff

We work with clients of 2 employees all the way through to those with 6,000. So while size isn't an issue, we work with employers who want the best for their staff.

The all-in-one solution

BeneFit³ provides solutions that target all three Pillars of Wellness. Through strategic partnerships, we are the 'one stop shop', for employee benefits, taking the stress off HR departments.

Our Approach

We’ve developed a unique 6 step approach to identifying and targeting your firm’s wellness needs. At the heart of this process is surveying your staff to get to the core of what they value/need most.

Using this data as a starting point, we’ll then work with you to develop an engaging and meaningful benefits program that’s tailored to both you and your employees’ unique needs and budget.

Still not sure? Check out our case studies!

Our unique Employee Wellness Program begins by benchmarking your existing employee benefits to identify opportunities and shortfalls in your offering. We then combine this with an Employee Survey to identify which programs resonate with them and to uncover any frustrations. We will then work with you to develop a bespoke Employee Benefits Program to attract, retain and engage employees.
Large Australian company
  • Consolidated 6 super and insurance plans held across 3 different providers into the one group insurance plan with greater automatic insurance entitlements and improved rates
  • Established an employee funded Private Health Insurance Plan, at no extra cost to the employer, and obtaining discounted corporate rates
  • Claims management – supporting your employees at the time they need it most.
Australian subsidiary of large US tech firm
  • Champion all benefits including wellness initiatives
  • A more engaged employee base, with high attendance to educational seminars and financial consultations
  • Active super and insurance providers that provide great service to staff Unburdened the client of the administrative duties of the day to day running of the super, insurance and wellness plans, allowing them to focus on their core responsibilities
  • Improved communications on market news and relevant benefit updates
Large Australian Engineering firm
  • Established an Executive Wealth Management Program where executives are provided access to subsidised financial advice
  • Management of employer funded retail insurance for Executives – including assistance with underwriting, administration and claims management

BeneFit³ wellness solutions

Our 3 Pillars of Wellness: financial, physical and mental. All connected, all important, all achievable. We provide 'mix and match' solutions through the BeneFit³ program:

FinFit - Stanford Brown

We have developed a suite of services for you to promote the financial health of your employees:

  • Executive Wealth Management Program
  • Financial seminars for all employees on topics including insurance, superannuation, home loans, retirement,
    managing cash flow and goal setting
  • Individual consultations with a Financial
  • Adviser and Mortgage Broker
  • Insurance benefits including Income Protection, Life Insurance and Private Health Insurance
  • Superannuation
  • Access to our network of Accounting, Legal and Estate Planning partners

We have partnered with a panel of expert service providers from whom we can source the following services for you to promote the physical health of your employees:

  • Illness prevention and health improvement including health checks, flu shots, skin cancer and health checks
  • Medical consultations with an onsite GP
  • Group exercises including Yoga, Pilates, Gym and CrossFit
  • Physical Challenges such as fun runs and charity exercise events
  • Educational seminars covering nutrition and health cooking demonstrations
  • Gym memberships

MindFit - Stanford Brown

We have a range mental health services that we can source from our panel of wellness providers including:

  • Mental health seminars on topics such as mental health and resilience, workplace stress management and relationships
  • Sleep awareness and programs
  • Meditation and mindfulness training
  • Employee Assistance Program that delivers meaningful results
  • Mental Health Champions program, where staff will be trained to champion mental health in the work environment
  • Psychologist, life coach and counselling services via a face to face, phone or online medium


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