Executive Services

CEO’s and executives tend to focus on the company’s financial future at the expense of making their own financial plans for the future. They also tend to seek advice only late in their career.

Senior executives can typically face complex compensation challenges. Stanford Brown is uniquely equipped to serve the specific tax, financial planning and investing needs of CEO’s and executives.

Executive Advisory Services include:

  • Share options and planning
  • Income tax strategies (including alternative tax strategies)
  • Executive compensation and benefits planning
  • Family Trust and Estate planning
  • Overseas investments / tax
  • Personal risk, liability management and risk mitigation strategies
  • Wealth management
  • Lifestyle and investment funding
  • Transition to retirement planning

Executive Services key points

  • While executives typically have compensation options available to them that are broader than those available generally, many obvious financial and taxation issues also need to be addressed and include:

    • Strategies to ensure higher amounts of tax are not being paid unnecessarily
    • Correctly structuring estate planning to minimise the tax burden on beneficiaries
    • Risk mitigation strategies to safeguard the family in the case of sickness or serious injury.
  • We often see CEO’s and executives overburdened by work commitments and inadvertently overlook the issues noted above Typically, for people that run companies, their mindset is more geared toward trying to make sure that the company is successful than it is toward trying to make their own financial plans for the future are successful. They assume that if they do a good job for the company, they will be well paid and everything will fall into place. That is not a sound way to look at these things and generally executives benefit from seeking advice much earlier in their careers than they do.

  • We advocate that even in their mid-30s, executives and CEOs should be talking to a financial adviser, even if their resources at that stage are more restricted. Seeking sound financial at an early stage ensures that what they create over the years is more likely to be in their best interests, rather than leaving it to chance until they get to their 50’s and start to think more seriously about it.

  • Part of early planning is confronting the fact that they are not going to be high income earners forever and that they might either want to opt out and do something else; or they will get to their ‘use-by date’. It is important then to have a level of confidence while continuing to work effectively, so that one day, when that does happen, they will be prepared.

  • The number one consideration for CEO’s and executives is to seek someone who they can trust and who has the experience to understand their needs and can provide knowledgeable, sound guidance and start putting strategies in place immediately.

  • Stanford Brown has been working with CEO’s and executives for over 25 years and is trusted by many of Australia’s high profile executives. It acts as the centre of a network of other professional advisers (accounting, legal, tax) to provide broad advice on a range of issues, coordinating expert advice on specific issues and then working to seamlessly integrate every facet of an individuals financial position into a sensible and flexible plan designed to create a secure future.

“Like most executives, the reason I went to Stanford Brown initially was I was coming in to the wealth creation time of my life.  I hadn’t spend much time or given much attention to that.  In my 40s it was one of those situations that you naturally come to and I looked around and I wanted to find someone who was well regarded in the industry and I spoke to a number of colleagues.  They put me in touch with Stanford Brown.”  – BRUCE MANSFIELD, Managing Director

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