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Home Loans

Stanford Brown Home Loans is a mortgage broking practice based in North Sydney. We help clients who want to borrow money against residential property whether they are buying, refinancing or increasing an existing debt for other purposes.

The mortgage industry in Australia has become increasingly complex in the past decade or two. There are a maze of lenders and products to choose from and professional guidance is important for your goal of an optimal loan structure. We can assist you to become a mortgagor with around 20 of Australia’s leading lenders.

We don’t just submit the loan to the lender on your behalf. We hold the borrower’s hand through the whole process from planning for a pre-approval through to settlement. But that is just the beginning of the relationship. Each year on the anniversary of your settlement we prepare an Annual Review and the key part of that review is our efforts to help negotiate a lower interest rate at your lender.

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No cost to the borrower

Except in rare instances of high complexity we do not charge borrowers a fee to act as your mortgage broker. This is made possible because the lender you choose will pay us for the work we have done that would normally have been conducted by bank staff.

Experience matters

Experience matters in mortgages. Stanford Brown Home Loans brings 18 years of full-time mortgage broking experience and has won several industry awards over that time. It is easy for novice brokers to get tricked by ‘special offers’ from lenders. Having seen the ups and downs of the property and finance industry for almost two decades our experience can help identify where true value is being offered.

What is the first step?

If you are considering applying for a loan please phone for a discussion. Even if you have a good relationship with your current banking provider it’s worthwhile to give us a call as we are happy to give you some guidance about dealing with your existing lender.

After a phone discussion you can then proceed to make an appointment in our office to have a more detailed discussion. We are available during the day, evening or on saturday mornings.

If you then decide to proceed with an application we will let you know what documents we need to prepare the application. We then submit the application to the lender and keep you updated along the way.

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What to look for in a lender

When weighing up various lenders most Australians look at one thing – the variable interest rate. Variable loans are generally superior loans to fixed rate loans because they have more flexible features. We know however that the key thing to look for is the fixed rates. You may not necessarily want a fixed rate loan… but if a lender has truly come up with a formula for delivering low rates for the long term then this will be reflected not just in their variable rate but also in their fixed rates.

The internet is awash with micro lenders offering remarkably low variable rates … but on careful inspection their fixed rates are almost always higher than the market average. That is a tell-tale sign that the low variable rate being offered is a gimmick designed to entice new borrowers … and once the loan has settled their plan is to increase the variable rate. Lenders can effectively mislead on a variable rate but they cannot with a fixed rate and so when weighing up lenders we pay close attention to the fixed rates on offer.

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