Mortgage Broking

Some mortgage brokers offer other lending products such as car loans, personal loans and leasing – we don’t.

Stanford Brown Home Loans is dedicated to offering the finest level of service to borrowers who need to borrow money against residential property.

We want to hear from you if you are a:

  • First home buyer or an investor; if you are
  • Refinancing existing debt
  • Consolidating personal debts into a mortgage
  • Constructing residential premises
  • Bridging finance between two properties, or
  • Releasing equity for investment or other purposes.

Stanford Brown Home Loans

  • A generation ago a mortgage was simple.  Borrowers could choose from a few banks and a couple of building societies who all offered a plain vanilla product.  Today there are over a hundred diverse lenders offering a wide spectrum of products.

    A decade ago the interest rate offered by a lender were the same for ‘owner-occupiers’ and ‘investors’ and for loans with ‘principal and interest’ or ‘interest-only’ repayments.  Back then it didn’t matter if the borrower had a 5% or a 50% deposit – the interest rate was set.  Today all these factors can have a significant impact on the interest rate applied to your debt.  There are other factors beyond interest rate in determining which loan is suitable for you … but interest rate is usually paramount.

  • The Australian mortgage industry today is an exciting and dynamic market place.  Change happens on a daily basis.  Lenders often run special offers and good mortgage brokers know what lenders want certain types of loans and who will strive to win that business.

    It takes a dedicated professional to not just match a borrower with an optimal mortgage structure but to help the borrower understand the strategy underpinning the structure.

  • John Ruddick is the Director of Stanford Brown Home Loans.  John has worked as a mortgage broker since 2001 and has won several industry awards.  We have the added back-up of being able to draw on the skill of the wider Stanford Brown group and its 30 years of financial services experiences.

    Each year on the anniversary of your settlement we conduct an Annual Review and write to you with an update on your mortgage … and negotiate with your lender to ensure your interest rate remains competitive.  Without an Annual Review many lenders will let your interest rate drift upwards.

  • If you are interested in having a discussion about a mortgage please contact us to arrange either a phone appointment or come into our North Sydney.  We are available for appointments from 8am to 8pm Monday to Friday and from 9am to 3pm on Saturdays.  Our first appointment is designed to have a general discussion and to map out a plan.

Our Commitment

  • To listen to you, challenge you, and develop a precise understanding of your situation and what you are seeking.
  • To use our size to negotiate on your behalf the best possible lending solution to meet your unique personal financial situation.
  • To help guide you through the property acquisition maze.
  • To communicate clearly, free of jargon.
  • To give you space and time to review your options. You can walk away from us at any time.
  • To not forget you once a transaction is complete.

To speak with a mortgage specialist or if you would like to discuss lending options

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