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Whether we choose to accept it or not, money has a significant influence on our lives and that of our families. Over time, it is this influence that slowly cultivates our personal attitudes towards money, how we spend, how we save, how we invest, how we borrow, and how we give.

In the Private Wealth Division at Stanford Brown, we specialise in matching your personal attitudes towards money with your unique financial goals (whether you know them already or need our help to define them). Once we document these goals and have an intimate understanding of them (critical), we work tirelessly to design and maintain an integrated investment strategy that has a sole purpose of satisfying your personal goals.

Our principal aim is to provide heroic customer service and we do this in three key ways:



We bring organisation, clarity and structure to get your financial house in order. We provide you access to our network of professional advisers, built up over carefully over 30 years.



We offer an objective, expert opinion on all your financial decisions.

We provide a proactive, disciplined approach. We have the strength to hold you accountable for your commitments to yourself and us.



Our unique fewer, shallower and shorter approach to money management and capital preservation sets us apart.

Want some more information? Download Ten Golden Rules of Investment


Other private wealth division services:

Portfolio Management

Expert, tailored money management solutions.


Structure your insurances to protect against anything tomorrow might bring.

Managed Accounts

Discretionary management of multi-sector client portfolios can significantly benefit our clients.

Self-Managed Super Funds

A superannuation vehicle run by you, for you.

Estate Planning

Comprehensive inter-generational wealth transfer planning.

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