Retirement Planning

A great retirement isn’t just about the money. Our focus is assisting you to build a plan around what you want to do, be, have, give, learn and create in this exciting phase of life. We are constantly inspired by the retirement plans our clients build with us, whether it be climbing mountains, learning languages, non-executive directorships, writing memoirs or just spending time on the golf course, a retirement plan should be as personal to you as your fingerprint.

When we talk about retirement with clients one of two questions get asked fairly early on in the conversation. The first question we’re asked is ‘Will I have enough?’. The second question is ‘Will my savings last?’.

These questions are natural and essential to ask. However, without a general idea on what retirement looks like – answering these questions is a guess. We work very hard to determine what our clients want out of retirement so we can build conservative cash-flow plans around that specific life. This process means we can answer the initial questions of ‘Will I have enough? and Will my savings last?’ with greater confidence.

Retirement Planning key points

  • It's Not Just About The Dollars and Cents

    Whilst undoubtedly important, money is not the only vital element that requires planning in retirement. It has become increasingly apparent how many Australians ashamedly have no goals or plans either for their money or what they seek to achieve in their formative years. Proof of this is the sheer volume of times we are asked, “what do other people in their retirement do?” when we start building a retirement plan.

  • The Psychology of Retirement

    Psychologically there can be a significant impact when a client moves from being an income generator to becoming reliant on their assets to generate their income. Our experience shows that it can take considerable time to get comfortable with the idea that a salary is going to be replaced with a pension and the portfolio that has been slowly and carefully built over a career, will now be used to fund a lifestyle.

  • Retirement Wasn't Built In a Day

    We believe the concept of a finite retirement date catapulting an individual from income earner to self-funded retiree on a single day is flawed. Many Australians are wisely transitioning their retirement phase over 5/10/15 years, reducing the income reliance shock, but most importantly reducing the emotional shock of replacing a suit and tie for slippers and a cup of tea (you get the idea).

Whether retired, or getting to the stage of life where retirement is quickly approaching, we can help you strategically plan for the financial and non-financial impacts at this critical stage of life.

Our team can help you with:

  • Developing a list of specific goals for retirement
  • Maximising income in retirement
  • Formulate plans to assist children/grandchildren
  • Planning for aged care preparation
  • Advice to help minimise tax
  • Choosing the right income stream structures


“I chose Stanford Brown because I felt as though they got to know me and they would look after me and the money that I had, so that I could live out my retirement years as I wanted to live”. – KERRIE DIXON (Retiree)

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