Eudaimonia – November 2018

The Race That Stops The Nation


On Tuesday we witnessed the race that stops the nation – the Melbourne Cup. For all our international friends, Melbourne Cup is a rite of passage to finish work early, enjoy good food, a wine or two, put on your most impressive outfit and witness horses running around a track. If that didn’t entice you, then perhaps the $7.3 million prize pool will. For all those punters who put their bets on Horse 23 Cross Counter, congratulations on your winnings!

All in all, we hope you had a delightful day!


Why you Should Trust Your Gut


Gut health has become more of a focus in wellness and health circles recently, and for good reason. According to a white paper authored by Dr Leena Johns and MetLife, the gut acts as the ‘second brain’ influencing mood, stress, appetite, energy levels and resistance to acute and chronic diseases including several types of cancer, coeliac disease and ulcers.

There are 100 million nerves in the lining of the gut that are constantly talking to your brain. So there is some truth when you say ‘I have a gut feeling’ or ‘that took guts’ because your gut is shooting off neurotransmitters signaling the rest of your body. This is even more reason to look after your gut!

You can encourage your staff to practice good gut health by promoting:

  • An active lifestyle – Researchers found that athletes had a more diverse microbiome than those who were sedentary
  • Good sleep habits – Sleeping enough helps diversify gut health as well as reduce stress that may cause gastrointestinal disorders
  • Eating well – Avoid saturated fats and try to eat gut ‘super foods’ such as bananas, beans, blueberries, onions and broccoli

We are predicting that gut health will be the new frontier for employer driven wellness in the workplace, a truly fascinating subject worth your attention

Why Workplace Financial Wellness Programs Aren’t Well


With financial stress being cited as one of the leading causes of mental illness, no employer can ignore the benefits of providing a successful Financial Wellness Program.

A report published by the Bank of America Merrill Lynch has found a huge disconnect between their employee benefit offerings and what employees actually need and want.

While this is a US based article we believe it closely represents the issues employers face locally in delivering their Financial Wellness Programs.

Locally we see most financial wellness programs tend to offer group sessions, which are one-size-fits-all solutions and tend to be limited to the employers super fund and insurance arrangements.

To eliminate this disconnect Stanford Brown offers to run an employee survey to determine what your employees needs are and then deliver education programs tailored to these.

To Be Gone With Annual Leave Standards

To get the competitive edge in employee benefits we are seeing employers get creative with their annual leave policies.

It is becoming common for employers to add a couple of days to their employees annual leave entitlements, providing birthday leave or official mental health days. However the new trend is the provision of unlimited leave, leaving it to employees to decide what an appropriate amount of time off is.


At Stanford Brown, we believe that employees should have the flexibility to take the time that they need to be productive at work and introduced our unlimited leave benefit last year. We want our employees to live both happy and healthy lives, whilst making a meaningful impact at work.

The Fastest Growing Jobs In The Country

LinkedIn recently published a report on the fastest growing jobs in Australia. The report is written to answer the challenges that HR and talent acquisition professionals are to face including how do you hire for jobs that did not exist five years ago and how you can upskill and reskill your existing workforce to rise to the challenge.


Surprise or no surprise, the top five emerging jobs are customer success managers, data scientists, full stack engineers, cyber security specialists and experience designers.

However, one of the top takeaways from the report is the importance of soft skills. In the US, LinkedIn surveyed 1,200 hiring managers to find out the most desirable soft skills they are looking for in a candidate. The top six were: adaptability, cultural fit, collaboration, leadership, growth potential and prioritisation.

Private vs Public


The decision to give birth in a public hospital, with a private room or a private hospital with a private room or a public hospital with a public room, is cumbersome.

An article published by Finder outlines the details regarding each of the options available. For example, if you don’t have private health insurance, you’ll deliver in a public hospital, whereby your GP will assign you to a hospital, you may have to share a room, you will be assigned midwives and obstetricians will be available when needed.

This can be a confusing time for families, trying to ascertain what their options are. To become more informed, onsite education seminars can be offered for those planning to have a baby or who are currently pregnant. Professionals can speak at your workplace about the various options available and answer any burning questions.


The Hangry Emu

Last month, an eagle-eyed emu, Eddie pecked at Ms Pope’s $2,000 diamond earrings and swallowed them. The youngling had its stomach pumped in a bid to flush out the jewels, however with little success. This sparked a very bizarre insurance claim, in which Ms Pope’s insurer paid her a claim, following an X-ray showing one of the earrings in Eddie’s stomach. You never know when insurance can come into play…

Right . . .


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We hope you’ve enjoyed this edition of Eudaimonia and we’d love to hear your feedback.

James McFarland

Stanford Brown

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