Strange Times – 09.04.2020

These are the strangest of times. Unless you are in your 80s and can remember life during WW2, it’s safe to say that none of us have experienced anything like this. It is confronting. It is challenging. It is a little scary. It’s ok to feel all these emotions. But it will pass.

Here at Stanford Brown, I have never seen our people work harder. Most are working from home, juggling their tasks with home schooling young children, motivating bored teenagers, whilst others battle solitude. Thank you for all the emails you have sent me to say how much you have appreciated the job your adviser is doing for you and the care they are showing for your welfare. I have never been prouder of them all.

We have put TW3 on hold for now (as it’s light-hearted tone is not really in keeping with the times) and replaced it with Strange Times, a weekly note that I will write to share with you everything we are doing here at Stanford Brown to help our clients through this tough period.

I will start and end with these inspiring words from The Queen’s broadcast earlier this week.

“We should take comfort that while we may have more still to endure, better days will return: we will be with our friends again; we will be with our families again; we will meet again. But for now, I send my warmest good wishes to you all.”

Coronavirus COVID-19 Global Cases

The best place to get accurate data on the spread of the Covid virus across the globe. Updated daily. Link Here.


April Investment Markets Report

Our latest review of all things markets, economics and Covid-19 can be found here. The chart below is one of my favourites – placing the recent share price falls (blue line) in context. Has the market really fallen far enough?


Market Insights Podcast

We know that receiving 10 pages of complex investment analysis is not for everyone. So for those of you that prefer to watch or listen to your news, please expect this in your inboxes this afternoon to hear the discussion I had with Ashley Owen, our Chief Investment Officer, on the outlook for equities, bonds and property.


A Chart Can Tell a Thousand Words

“What use”, said Alice “is a book without pictures?” Quite. If you only look at one economic chart all year, then make it this one. It plots the weekly jobless claims in America since 1967 and provides some context for last week’s six million new jobless. It’s worth clicking the link as it plots the time series.


Does My Insurance Cover COVID-related Illness?

Last week, James McFarland, our Director of Personal Insurance, published a piece on how to check whether you are insured for pandemics/Covid. This article can be found here. If you are unsure or feel that now is an appropriate time to review your family insurances, then please call your adviser and book an appointment.

50 Ways to Stay SANE

The past few weeks have resulted in an enormous adjustment by each of us. Not being able to see our kids/grandkids, concern for an elderly relative in an aged care facility, missing our regular social interactions with friends, anxiety caused by the constant barrage of media headlines (designed to scare us), the challenges of working from home with young kids, or with noone, or attempting to home school whilst working, and the ever-present fear of redundancy or reduced hours.

The article “50 Ways to Stay SANE (Strong, Active, Neighbourly, and Energetic) During this Pandemic” by the BlueZones is one of the best pieces we have come across. Link to the article is here. There are plenty of positives to be embraced during this strangest of times.

Navigating Life Changes During COVID-19

Andrew Griffin, our Retiree Community leader, is hosting a live webinar “Navigating life changes during COVID-19” on the 22nd or 23rd April (tbc) with Natalie Yan-Chatonsky of Full Time Lives. Do dial in if you can as it should make for an interesting and topical discussion. Please do share this invitation to anyone in your world who may benefit from this session – the more the merrier!


Register here.




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