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Selecting the right financial adviser that matches your unique requirements is a critical decision that requires research, patience and more research. One of the best techniques we can recommend is to ignore what a firm says about themselves, and focus more on what their clients say about the firm. What do they value? Do the staff listen? Are the advisers pushy? Do you get a personalised plan? Do the staff care? What are the results?


If you would like to talk to an existing client about their experience with Stanford Brown, all you need to do is ask and we will put you in contact with one or several of our clients. The stories below are real clients who all have genuine financial planning needs. We are proud to be working alongside them to help achieve their financial goals and dreams.

What prompted you to seek Stanford Brown?

What prompted us was concern about whether we were covered risk management wise for our business and for our family assets because we’ve built a successful business. The family’s future was important to us and we were just concerned that really everything was protected and in place.

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What was your selection criteria?

I had forewarning of retirement, about twelve months out. I had done some work with a career coach at work. Given that I was retiring, I decided to devote his time to my own personal matters. It was smart of me. Out of that, I went home and we developed four strategies.

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What has Stanford Brown helped you to achieve?

As time has gone by, one of the advantages of being with Stanford Brown has been that they’ve enabled me to make changes to my insurances as my lifestyle and situation has changed.

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What challenges were you looking to resolve?

The challenges I was looking to resolve were the lack of structure and strategy in having a financial plan and in being able to keep that plan adaptable as my life changed, as my lifestyle changed and the requirements of my family changed.

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What has Stanford Brown helped you to put in place?

Stanford Brown has really helped me to set up a proper financial plan, to understand what my retirement needs were going to be, to look at what my wife and myself want to do from a goals point of view after we retire.

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