Alan & Carolyn Turner are retirees. Alan was previously a Senior Executive for a multi-national corporation.

I had forewarning of retirement.

I had done some work with a career coach at work. Given that I was retiring I decided to devote his time to my own personal matters. Out of that, I went home and we developed four strategies. They were:

  1. How I was going to get out of work and retire.
  2. What we wanted to do in retirement. What sort of lifestyle we wanted in retirement.
  3. How we might fund that style of life.
  4. What happens to our estate after we’re dead so that our family doesn’t disintegrate fighting, picking over the bones …so to speak.

With those four strategies, we went out and had a yarn with about twelve different professionals who we thought might fit the bill to manage our retirement affairs. We had a very clear picture of what we wanted to achieve.

Every time we had an initial meeting with another adviser or a wealth manager,

and I went to some of the biggest guys in town, I got the impression that we were a commodity, a number. I asked them all one question, which I thought was important. That was, what portfolio of investments would you provide me with and what restrictions would you place on those investments?

The thing that came back with most of them was their holding company had a range of investments and they didn’t go outside those investments. Yet, when I talked to Stanford Brown, the world was an open book. There were no restrictions. They could go anywhere and invest anywhere that was good. They didn’t have any shackles on them as such. That was a key issue for us, a big key issue.

When we finally got around to having an interview with Stanford Brown,

the discussion was somewhat framed in the sense that, why are you here? I said, “I’m here to talk to you about whether or not I think you would be good to put to work to manage our investments in our retirement.” My adviser from Stanford Brown said, “That’s your point of view. My point of view is that I’m here to see if you’re the sort of guy I want to work with.”

I thought that was good. No one else had said that to me. It might have been a bit bullish. We might have thought that, but I thought it was good. Now I realise that unless you actually hit it off, unless you believe in one another, you can’t actually build the relationship and partnership that makes for a good business relationship. I was very impressed with that, so I worked even harder to impress him, to see that I was the guy that he wants to work with and they were the people that I wanted to work with. We got a tick and a yes to both of those answers and that’s why we’re here.

Vincent O’Neill

Alan & Carolyn Turner are clients of Vincent O’Neill, a Senior Adviser and Wealth Management specialist focusing on providing financial advice to high net worth clients on wealth creation, retirement planning and SMSF.

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