Glenn Palin is the Managing Director of a large diversified contracting, engineering and services company. 

How did you start working together?

Originally, I met Stanford Brown through David who was working with our company providing executive benefits advice and during that process I found out more about Stanford Brown, what services they offered.  At that time I’d done very little about my future financial planning and David offered to give me some advice. I took him up on the offer and that was how I came into contact with Stanford Brown.

My financial planning was in a pretty poor state.  I hadn’t done very much about it.  I’d always been too busy with work to bother about it.  I came and spoke with (another adviser) Jonathan and he was able to start to help me understand what the issues were for me that I needed to consider, what I needed to do about it and start putting in place a bit of a plan so that I’ll have a retirement that I was looking forward to.

What challenges were you looking to resolve?

When I first spoke with Dave, he made aware that I wasn’t really well planned for my retirement.  I was trying to resolve that because I knew it was not that far away, I don’t want to work forever.

Unfortunately, I had been too busy to look after it.  David made me aware of the things that I needed to consider and then when I came to Stanford Brown, we were able to get into more detail about the various options that were available to me to solve some of those problems that I had been putting at the bottom of the pile for too long.

Being able to go through each of those options, and to understand the benefits, or pros and cons, to me personally was very advantageous and that helped me shuffle it into an order that I could understand and suited my personal needs.

How has Stanford Brown helped you to overcome those challenges?

Working with Stanford Brown has been really good for me because they are a very personable sort of business.  My relationship with Jonathan is very one-on-one and he’s a nice guy.  He’s a very approachable guy.  He understands the issues that I’m dealing with. He really understands my personal life.  That’s what I think has been good about my interaction with Stanford Brown because they listen. It’s not just a sausage mill stuff being churned out,

My real issue is I kept putting this behind and on the bottom of the pile and I really did need to start looking at my financial planning. What was I going to do in retirement and how much money I would need to live the life I want to live in retirement? I’d done nothing about it quite frankly.  Stanford Brown has really helped me to start to set up a proper financial plan, to understand what my retirement needs were going to be, to look at what my wife and myself want to do from a goals point of view after we retire.

It really did let me then start to organise the sorts of things I needed to get in place, in the timeframe that I needed to do it so that it would be achieved.  Without coming to Stanford Brown, I think it would be still on the bottom of the pile and I still wouldn’t have all the issues done and now I have a very organised plan that Jonathan’s helped me develop.  It suits me and I wouldn’t have got there without him quite frankly. …

I mean, fairly honestly with Stanford Brown, it has been a lifesaver for me because I really wasn’t ready.  I always put it off and it really has helped me to make sure I would do it.  Jonathan keeps an eye on me. He rings me up regularly and makes sure that I’ve done what I said I was going to do.  When you’re busy, and I’ve got a fairly important and challenging job, …you don’t find a lot of time for dealing with that and to have him looking over my shoulder just helping me through it and making sure that I do give it the time that it needs has been excellent. That’s been fundamental to where I want to go.

Jonathan Hoyle

Glenn is a client of Jonathan Hoyle, Head of the Investment Division and the firm’s Chief Investment Officer (CIO).

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