Mark Schreuder is the Principal of
a leading Sydney law firm.

What prompted you to seek Stanford Brown?

What prompted us was concern about whether we were covered risk management wise for our business and for our family assets because we’ve built a successful business. The family’s future was important to us and we were just concerned that really everything was protected and in place.

We thought Stanford Brown would be the best for us because they were referred by our accountants.  They’ve been our accountants for 10 years and we need people who have the technical acumen but also that user friendliness and just that ease of use.

What issues were you looking to resolve?

The main issues to resolve were firstly just to make sure that we were covered for the risk, personally and business wise. But, more importantly, for the future to make sure that the things we’re setting up now, are going to protect us in the future and also provide for our children and other members of the family.

What has Stanford Brown helped you to achieve?

They’ve helped us achieve peace of mind about our insurance position, of our asset protection position, and also given us a plan for wealth creation for the future.

What’s impressed you about Stanford Brown?

What’s impressed us the most about Stanford Brown has just been their openness, their transparency, the combination of the technical proficiency and also just the ease of use.  They’re friendly, they’re honest, they explain things and they treat you like a human being.

What makes them unique I think is that all the advisers are cut from the same cloth.  They’re different guys but they’re cut from the same cloth.  They know what they’re talking about but they’re not pushy.  They set time limits, they manage expectations but at the same time, they’re happy to listen to your concerns and change course if necessary.

I think like any service business, it’s the people delivering the service. I think that what separates them is the way they deliver the service.  It’s a good service they deliver but it’s the way they deliver it and the way they explain things to you, they make you feel comfortable.

Hamish Harvey

Mark is a client of Hamish Harvey, a Senior Adviser and manager of a team of highly talented individuals that advise clients, compile precise financial modelling and execute the administration duties required to manage clients’ strategies.

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