Women In Advice – Closing The Gender Gap

Stanford Brown believes in balance. We seek to meld the wisdom of experience with the curiosity of youth; to blend the impulsiveness of the extrovert with the introspection of the introvert; to fuse our various heritages and cultures; and a balance of men and women…well, that’s just obvious.

A balanced workforce encourages constructive conflict and produces more innovative teams that make better decisions. Balance is good for business. It’s as simple as that.

Only 20% of Australia’s 24,000 advisers are female. This needs to change and opinions vary greatly on how to achieve this.

We believe in building a culture in which both men and women can thrive. We have flexible and generous parental leave policies and a Return to Work program for new mums. We have abolished work hours, encouraged work-from-home and have adopted a flexible leave policy. We want our people to work where they are most productive, work when they are most productive and to take the vacation they need to stay productive. We believe this will help our working mums the most.

Last year, we made our diversity data public. This year’s data can be found below. We report on our ethnic mix, our gender mix, the number of women in leadership roles and the number of women in advice.

We have significant diversity of ethnicity and gender, and an equal mix of men and women in leadership roles. However, just 27% of our advisers are female. Although this is up from 23% last year (and zero 10 years ago), this needs to change.





Mira Macura

Chief Operating Officer

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