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60 seconds with Stanford Brown client Mark Schreuder

What prompted us was concern about whether we were covered risk management wise for our business and for our family assets because we’ve built a successful business. The family’s future was important to us and we were just concerned that really everything was protected and in place.

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60 seconds with Stanford Brown adviser Hamish Harvey

Hamish is a Senior Adviser and manager of a team of highly talented individuals that advise clients, compile precise technical planning documents and execute the administration duties required to manage clients’ strategies.

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Quarterly Outlook – Q4 2015

While bankers from the Northern Hemisphere were enjoying their summer break on the beaches of Nice and Nantucket, on August 11th the world seemed to take a rapid turn for the worse. A battalion of sorrows emerged in quick succession.

An overreaction? Or a harbinger of tougher times ahead?

Keep calm, have a Mao-tai and read on to find out our predictions for global economies, politics and asset class valuations.

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