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Our benefits expertise, services and product knowledge create enduring value for companies and their people.

Benefits Design & Management

We design and manage innovative benefits strategies to help companies support, attract and retain their people. We lead the procurement and ongoing management of benefits vendors, ensuring competitiveness, high service standards and accountability.

All to empower employees and take the burden from HR and Finance departments.

Our expertise: 

  • Superannuation, health and group insurance procurement
  • Sourcing and implementing competitive wellbeing benefits
  • Adapting global benefits design to local requirements
  • Driving ROI from benefits investment

Our services: 

  • Strategic benefits design
  • Procurement and service negotiation
  • Vendor management

Executive Wealth Management

We develop tailored wealth management programs for executive teams at leading companies. Whilst each company is unique, every team is extremely busy, and their personal future finances are often deprioritised.  

Through our team of skilled Private Wealth Advisers, progressive companies engage us to help their executives with the creation, protection and transferral of wealth.

Our executive and professional clients find that life is easier and far more rewarding with Stanford Brown in their corner. We get their financial life in order and manage complexity.

Our tailored programs often include:  

  • Investment management
  • Tailored insurance products
  • Tax planning
  • Executive share scheme planning
  • Personal office and administration
  • Cashflow and debt management
  • Balance sheet management and accountability
  • Intergenerational wealth advice
  • Expatriate needs

Superannuation & Insurance

We manage superannuation plans for many companies, both established and emerging. From the strategic to the procedural, we make it happen.  

Our work actively engages employees with their super. We help employers position super as an important part of their employee value proposition. Employers rest easy knowing that governance and compliance oversight in an ever-changing regulatory environment are part of our offering. 

Our specialist team also manages the group insurance portfolios of our clients, from analysis to application and ongoing policy renewal.  

We offer unbiased advice on balancing attractive benefits with the ever-increasing cost of insurance.  

We support employees as they navigate the complexities of insurance claims, ensuring they receive the best result possible.

Our expertise: 

  • Superannuation
  • Insurances (including Life/TPD, Income Protection, Private Health)

Our services: 

  • Program launch and rollout
  • Compliance and process outsourcing
  • Claims and underwriting management
  • Early Illness Intervention Reporting and Support

Financial & Total Wellbeing

We work with progressive companies to empower their people to be happier, healthier, and more productive in life and at work. This all starts with a dynamic and engaging offering, targeting employee financial wellbeing. From education to online tools, 1:1 financial coaching to interactive workshops.  

Should companies require a total offering for their people, we source and manage mental and physical wellbeing programs through our expert partners.  

All helping our clients to unlock the most out of their people.

Our expertise:  

  • Proprietary tools and bespoke financial education programs
  • Integrated employee wellbeing

Our services: 

  • FinFit program (Diagnostic, Academy, Reporting)
  • Physical and mental wellbeing strategies and management
  • Employee helpdesk

Examples of our work with clients

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Australian FinTech company

We matched a unique benefits program to a company known for its innovation, helping them recognise the wellbeing needs of their people.

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Our thinking 

Thoughts, insights, and publications from the Stanford Brown Benefits Advisory team.  

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