Why Stanford Brown

Our industry has been tarnished. Far too many advisers giving bad advice and big companies pushing their own agendas.

Many years ago, we had a choice; play along or play our own game. It wasn’t a difficult decision.

The buck now stopped with us.
And so it should.

Founded by fiercely independent individuals (who all still work in the business), we relished having skin in the game and hired people who shared our fanatical intolerance of mediocrity.

We don’t just work with anyone. We place higher expectations on our clients, our partners, our investments, and ourselves. Rare in this business, we believe reputation is something to value.

Our People

You have one key contact that looks after you, but a whole team working for you.

Meet our people
Our People

Unsure what to expect?

There’s no formula, but every financial plan has a plan.

We’ve outlined the process here.


By better looking after our clients’ interests, we’ve been recognised for our expertise and culture.

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