Asset Structuring & Protection

Holding onto wealth can be harder than making it. We make sure you do. Whether that be through implementing the appropriate structure, optimising your balance sheet or ensuring your affairs are well insured, we cover it all.

Superannuation, Trusts & Corporate Beneficiaries

When used appropriately, superannuation, trusts and corporate beneficiaries are attractive structures for their tax benefits and asset protection as well as succession and estate planning qualities. We design, implement and proactively manage these structures on your behalf, ensuring they continue to serve their intended purposes and are administered to achieve maximum effectiveness.

Superannuation, Trusts & Corporate Beneficiaries

Holistic asset structuring & optimisation

We take a holistic approach to structuring and optimising your assets and consider the entirety of your personal circumstances and preferences. We analyse not only the choice to use superannuation, trusts or companies in your wealth structure (or none), but also the unique arrangement of your assets and liabilities, both now and in the future.


Access to personalised and competitive finance, particularly for complex personal and business needs, is something many of our clients value. Through our internal finance arm and a number of well-established specialist finance partners, our Advisers can facilitate your purchase of residential and investment properties, commercial premises and other complex business finance requirements.


Tax planning & advisory

Our dedicated tax team provides a range of specialised tax advisory services to entrepreneurial executives, families and private business owners. 

Whether it is assisting you when buying into, commencing or selling a business, managing the tax on your employee share plan, minimising tax on the sale of your most significant assets or assisting you to become tax-ready for your most important life events, our tax team provides advice and guidance to direct you through your critical tax decisions. 

Specialist personal & business insurance advice

Managing risk and insurance is a complex part of the financial advice industry. Stricter insurer criteria, regulatory change and product innovation all make it difficult and time consuming for individuals to get the right policy at a competitive price.

For over thirty years, our expert team of Risk Insurance Specialists have managed the personal and business insurance portfolios of clients like you, from analysis and advice on policy options to application and ongoing policy renewal. And we’re there at claim time too, to help you navigate the system, support your family or business and ensure the best result from your claim assessment.

Specialist personal & business insurance advice

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