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The Stanford Brown Private Office (SBPO) offers a deeper, more exclusive offering to families. Whether the client runs an established family office or is looking to access one of its own, SBPO partners with families to ensure their most sophisticated wealth and financial administration needs are met.

For many of our SBPO clients, we often start with specialist investment and consulting services those clients are unable to readily access elsewhere. Over time as they witness and value the depth of our expertise, we become their family office, an extension of their whole financial world. In practical terms this means we act as an outsourced CIO/CFO to their family’s entire financial affairs.

But no approach or relationship is the same, with the different aspects of our how we can help described below. The SBPO team is one that understands a family's preferences and tailors a proposition to work with each client’s unique needs and personality.

Investment Services

Like any family office might hire its own Chief Investment Officer (CIO), we asked ourselves: what would they want that CIO to do? Working with many family groups for over three decades, we know the role of an internal CIO (or CFO) isn’t one dimensional. And that’s why the investment expertise we offer at SBPO spans three distinct areas:

Investment Management

Stanford Brown Private Office runs an institutional grade investment management process, allowing investors to receive the highest quality investment portfolios tailored to their specific needs.

We make investment decisions in partnership with our family clients, or on behalf of the family, using industry-leading research, governance, and insight from experts. All decisions are made with the active involvement by Stanford Brown’s own Chief Investment Office.

The outcome of this process could range from building a fully diversified portfolio to asset class specific holdings, such as private equity or global private infrastructure assets. Any investment recommendations are made to complement other existing holdings, match a family’s risk profile and provide access to investments that the largest endowment, pension and family offices invest in globally.

Investment Consulting

Many families or Not-For-Profit groups simply need support from specialists to review, provide oversight, challenge investment portfolios or solutions being managed by the family or organisation directly, or by other advisors.

Stanford Brown Private Office brings this expertise to clients with world leading portfolio analytics technology, market data insights, private market asset portals and the deep knowledge and experience of our investment committee.

This can be in the form of reviewing external advisor(s)’ performance. being a member of an investment committee, supporting the family in the dissemination of ideas, portfolio construction, or consolidation of investments.

Investment Consulting

Direct Investment

For the sophisticated and self-directed investor, Stanford Brown Private Office brings unique opportunities that may not be widely available.

Our Direct Investment proposition originates interesting and differentiated investment ideas, performing initial analysis on them and letting the investor decide upon whether to proceed with each investment, replicating the origination role of an internal family office investment team.

These ideas can range from Global Private Equity or Debt funds, Global Hedge Funds, limited access opportunities, secondary options, co-investing alongside leading global managers or more traditional investment options that allow the investor to pick and choose the collection of investments they include in their own portfolio.

Family CFO

With Stanford Brown acting as the client’s central contact point, we are able to involve the right specialist partners to meet their unique needs, all while integrating that advice into our broader work for them. Beyond investment services, SBPO clients value our deep network of expert partners, notably legal, finance, accounting and property advisory.

Those services include estate planning, estate disputes, family law matters, trust structuring, family governance and charters, trust and SMSF set ups, shareholder and buy/sell agreements, bookkeeping and tax advice. Our work with mortgage specialists, property consultants and debt advisory partners for property interests are also commonly sought after.

Where a family has not established its own accounting support, Stanford Brown can offer a full-service internal accounting support for clients that would like to outsource their operations in an integrated manner. From complex accounting and tax structures to compliance or day-to-day bookkeeping, those can all be holistically managed under one roof.

Strategic Financial Advice

Stanford Brown is among Australia’s leading providers of strategic financial advice, with an experienced team of Private Wealth Advisors who work with a breadth of families on their wealth needs, whether that be growing, protecting or transferring their wealth.

We take a holistic approach to structuring and optimising your assets and consider the entirety of your personal circumstances and preferences. We analyse not only the choice to use superannuation, trusts or companies in your wealth structure (or none), but also the unique arrangement of your assets and liabilities, both now and in the future.

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