What is enough?

Not easy to answer. Tougher to ensure.

Stanford Brown provides the tough love that fulfils lives.

We go deeper on the things that matter. Really listen to what you want, have the difficult conversations, tackle your biggest issues, cover your blindspots, and act. Always in your best interests.

Our clients will tell you, that’s more
than enough.

Private Wealth

For over 30 years we've provided Australian families with the future they want.

Private Wealth
Private Wealth

Know your worth

And never settle for less.

Why Stanford Brown

They choose Stanford Brown

“We’ve been very impressed by Stanford Brown's openness, transparency, proficiency and their overall ease-of-use. They’re friendly, honest and they explain things - they treat you like a human being.”

— Mark S.

"I feel safe with the Stanford Brown team and my own advisor. These are very difficult times, and I feel my finances are in good hands. I am reassured, which is really important to me, and my advisor is very responsive, anytime, any question."

— Joanne R.

A wealth of knowledge

Ten Golden Rules of Investment

At Stanford Brown we believe that past returns are often a terrible guide to the future.

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Ten Golden Rules of Investment

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