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Navigating Employee Share Schemes

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In this special episode of SB Talks, CEO Vincent O’Neill welcomes Dean Crossingham, Head of Accounting at Stanford Brown, to unravel the complexities of employee share plans and their tax implications. With over two decades of experience, Dean fills in the gaps from what employers often don’t tell you and shares how to navigate those conscious investment decisions.


In this episode they discuss:

  • The genesis of Dean’s Employee Share Scheme Whitepaper
  • The dual taxation process affecting employee share schemes
  • The application of Capital Gains Tax
  • Things to consider when receiving shares on a share plan


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Meet Dean Crossingham

Dean is an Accountant and Tax Adviser who provides specialist tax services in relationship separation and divorce matters.

He provides expert guidance in navigating the tax consequences of a relationship breakdown. This includes expert tax advice on the division of relationship assets, property settlement tax structuring and negotiation support as well as ongoing accounting and tax services post property settlement.

Dean Crossingham
Meet Dean Crossingham

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