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Quarterly Review of Investment Markets and Portfolio Settings

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The Stanford Brown Investment Committee has completed its regularly quarterly review of investment markets and portfolios and has decided to retain the current stance. Portfolios are positioned for an environment characterised by: (a) continued, but declining, monetary and fiscal support; (b) resulting in relatively strong incomes, employment, spending and corporate profits; which in turn lead to (c) rising inflation and interest rates. No new funds have been added to portfolios at this review, but all portfolios are being rebalanced to their current target weights.

In this Quarterly report, you will find:

  • A recap of Investment market conditions over the past quarter.
  • How our portfolios are positioned for the coming quarter.
  • Outline of the major risks to investment markets and how they are changing

In addition, the report also covers the following topics:

  • when will the Fed raise interest rates?
  • What level will cash rates get to?
  • Why did shares sell-off in January? and is it serious?
  • How are we positioning portfolios for the months ahead?
  • What are ‘real’ interest rates? and why are they so important
  • Russia on the warpath (again) – what are they up to, and why?
  • Impacts of wars and military actions on share prices – how it is different to what most people think

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your adviser.

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