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Democrat Clean Sweep, Inflation Fears, the GameStop Short Squeeze and More…

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Welcome to Stanford Brown’s SB Talks podcast where we explore the important elements of your financial world – from investments to strategy, from retirement planning to intergenerational wealth.

In this episode our CEO Vincent O’Neill is speaking with Chief Investment Officer Ashley Owen to discuss share markets, inflation, GameStop and reporting season.

This month we discuss:

  • The Democrat clean sweep in Washington and what it means for global markets
  • Inflation fears and how they impact share and bond markets
  • When will the Fed and RBA hike rates?
  • How to tell if you’re an investor or a gambler?
  • The GameStop short squeeze – what really went on?
  • Bitcoin – is it the new ‘safe haven’ currency?
  • Outlook for company profits , dividends and share prices
  • Why we are still relatively bullish on shares

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