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Take Back the Lunch Break

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Do you tend to cut your lunch break short in fear of your colleagues judging you? Do you want to have more fulfilling and regular lunch breaks? You are not alone, especially if you are a millennial.   

The stigma around taking a lunch break is affecting people in the workforce more than ever before. A survey by Tork found that millennials are “nearly three times more likely than Baby Boomers to believe that co-workers would judge them negatively if they regularly took a lunch break”.  

So, what’s Tork’s answer to this? The ‘Take Back the Lunch Break’ initiative.   

By promoting this initiative to encourage your staff to take mindful lunch breaks during the workday will help combat their fatigue and maintain their concentration at work.  

At Stanford Brown Benefits Advisory, we prioritise productivity over the total hours our employees spend at work. Having flexible hours for your staff helps to not only improve productivity, but also workplace morale and satisfaction!

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