Tax and Cash Flow Guide for Employees

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Employee Equity Plans

Tax and Cash Flow Guide for Employees

Participating in an employee equity plan can have significant consequences for your taxation, cash flow and overall wealth.

This guide has been borne from our first-hand experiences of advising clients on the tax and cash flow consequences of their employee equity plans. The purpose of this guide it to hopefully serve as an invaluable resource when you commence your employee equity plan journey and ongoing in managing the tax and cash flow issues that you may encounter.

Download the Employee Equity Plan – Tax and Cash Flow Guide For Employees:

Tax and Cash Flow Guide for Employees



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Dean Crossingham

Dean is an Accountant and Tax Adviser who provides expert tax compliance and specialised tax advice services to eminent and entrepreneurial executives, families and private business owners.

He advises on a range of personal affairs such as employee equity plan taxation, family succession, expatriation and relationship matters as well as supporting clients through their most important decisions.

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