International Women's Day - Gender Diversity Statistics

At Stanford Brown we pride ourselves on building a culture we can all be proud of. One based on trust and respect, where differences are celebrated and contributions valued.

We are committed to providing an environment where all our people feel they belong.

Our approach to hiring has never been about "making the numbers". It is about finding and developing outrageously talented people that have each other's backs. Providing them with access to the resources and opportunities they need to reach their full potential.

Access to opportunity

Our strategy is to help support balanced gender representation across all levels of our organisation and areas of our business. At every stage of the employment cycle, we uphold our dedication to promoting inclusion and equal opportunities, while eliminating any impediments or prejudices.

Access to opportunity


Of our 19 advisers, 47% are Female and 53% are Male.


Of our 52 employees, 56% are Female and 44% are Male


Of our 10 members in the leadership team, 50% are Female and 50% are Male.


Of our 10 shareholders, 30% are Female and 70% are Male

Board Members

Of our 5 board members, 20% are Female and 80% are Male